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Waiting for a special occasion to use the "good" dishes? Don't!  Create an inviting table with colorful plates, napkins, placemats and table cloths.  Serve up burgers on cake pedestals to free up table space and elevate your presentation.


Entertaining can be easy when you have My Picqasso, Art Painting Studio at your home or office.  For a twist, request a custom painting that goes with your party theme.


For 2 hours of non-stop fun, compliment the easy and guided My Picqasso Painting experience with a Five-Star Orzo salad.  Try the delicious idea!  

7 Perfectly Fun Legit Reasons to Be Creative
1.      Your left brain deserves a break, just a little.

2.      You’re supposed to write a resume for the job you want and you just decided you want a new job.  As CEO of a lifestyle magazine.

3.      Those starving art instructors. They get lonely too.

4.      You need bright colors. Need. 

5.       You have to get out. Why not go to an art painting studio?

6.      Healthier splurge: an enormous onion-smothered steak dinner or an innocent painted dove on canvas?

7.      You’re in a really foul mood, and you simply. want to paint. OK?!

3 Paint Brushes You Need to Try as A Novice Artist

While the quality is not absolutely tops, the Loew-Cornell nylon, filament paint brushes work fine and these brushes are such a great deal, you can afford to use and abuse them: Long handle, wooden, flat #8, #6 and #4 nylon brushes.

A good set for working in acrylic paints.  As with most brushes, there is a small amount of bristle fallout but this tends to settle down after a bit of use.  As you will read almost everywhere, good brush care, whether relatively cheap or expensive will add longevity.  Cleaning in water or solvent and then in warm, soapy water after each use, is a must.

Throw an Art Painting Party like the pros with our recipe guide featuring Recipe of the Day. Then invite your friends and family to enjoy at your painting party!​

It's not just art, it's a lifestyle!

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