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Welcome to our new real, pure and authentic iSuck Boba ™. The name change is in response to our recent economic situation and COVID-19's impact on the new way we are connecting. The mad scientist in me, took a hard look at the business, listened to our local and global environment, then broke into tears because of the reality that our lives in America and around the world were turning upside down.  After much research, heart-aches and various formulas, it was clear that My Picqasso needed to morph. Our new business formula and the new name that bubbled up from the bottom is, iSuck Boba ™. I had to get real, dig deep to find the purity and authentic power within, despite the circumstances and move forward.  iSuck Boba™ is the outcome.  The 'i" is the internet teaching craze. When slurping our iced cold milk and Thai teas, and sucking up the refreshing popping boba blueberry pearls from the bottom of the cup, the sensation is simply scrumptious and is iSuck Boba™.  It's about loving the refreshing versatility of life, adjusting our tastes and doing things to pick-up our spirits and lighting up our family and friends' sense of humor. We all need lots of laughter to keep us young, alive and moving forward! 


To sum up iSuck Boba™ , it's our way of saying, lets open up our senses, taste all that life has to offer, even when some days suck. Just grab an extra-large straw!

If you don't know much about boba tea, then hop on over to our page labeled "Bubble Tea Delivery" to learn about this, pick-me-up like a creamy orange Popsicle on a hot Houston day, drink.  Aficionados of our boba drinks point to it's refreshing burst of flavors on the taste buds. Boba tea can add a whole new dimension of taste to your buds when coupled with the right flavor of spice. Just like life, yes? :)

If you know about our specialty drinks and are addicted, we're open for curbside pick-up and delivery. You can now get your fix.

Yes, we are still in the business of hosting private parties and events, just on a smaller scale and tailoring it to theme events. Creativity is still contagious and we would be honored, to spread it around, like confetti, at your next virtual party or get-together.

Please help spread the word about our iced-cold cream teas with popping boba pearls. Help spread the word about iSuck Boba ™ and all it represents - real love feels pure and authentic. We got the t-shirts. 

If you want to know a little bit more about how the original My Picqasso began, click "More About Us," below. The link will open to a press release.

If you're having a birthday, wedding or a special occasion, please contact us to help theme your event and make planning your special occasion, easy. 



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