Upcoming Events at our Art Bar - Old Town Spring

Open Studio
Walk-in, DIY, make and take painting on wood, canvas or glass & more at our Art Bar, My Picqasso.
Fri & Sat Paint Nite
Amazing Grace Pumpkins or Donut Worry canvas painting. It's paint night at our ART BAR. Guided, step-by-step canvas painting.
6:30PM $35
Thurs - Sun Drop-In
Walk-in, DIY, Decorate and paint a shatterproof ornament, open studio.
3-5PM $12
Thurs - Sun Drop-In
DIY, decorate and paint a Clay Pot Gingerbread House, open studio.
3-5PM $6
Saturday Crafting
We're twisting things up with our in-studio DIY re-purposed wood!
3PM, 4PM, 5PM
Weekend Afternoons
Our DIY activity is perfect when you want to connect with old and new friends. BYOB, relax, paint and sip!

3-5PM Various Options
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