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Hey, congratulations on stepping-out of your comfort zone! We too have stepped out of our comfort zone. We can do this, together! 


Project Smitten was conceived on March 15, 2020, with a mission to help you achieve the impossible, because sometimes doing the impossible is fun!


However, that doesn't mean we're the new kid on the block. Our first-born, My Picqasso was delivered on March 15, 2015 and our brick and mortar, the Art Bar in Old Town Spring, was born on March 15, 2018.  The pattern is, March 15, interesting, is it not? 


You may find it interesting too that our vision at the time we created our very first business plan has remained the same, even with significant updates, the last few months. Our belief is, the reason our vision did not change is because we were in-touch with the gift that we are meant to deliver.  We want that for you too.  It is our vision that for every customer, client and friend our business interacts with, we show them how-to bring out the greatness, power and beauty within themselves, through creativity. Our business epitaph will be that our company achieved at being, the go-to transformation tool for everyday folks who desire to wow themselves.

Here's the deal, due to Covid-19’s negative impact on our growth phase of our business strategy, we stopped and analyzed the current situation, stayed agile, pivoted and updated our strategic lifestyle business plan...Welcome to Project Smitten, a Transformation Services Company and are your Deliberately Creative™ Pros who are smitten about you! Our focus is in helping local businesses and dynamic individuals who are confused, overwhelmed and weary, take easy, actionable steps to transform their work and personal lives into manageable and happier places. From helping them execute strategic business plans, developing an easy, step-by-step, move-forward plan to creating salvage art and sustainable designs, we are in the business of turning visions into reality. We specialize in transforming rooms into a future-oriented and sustainable spaces for Air BNB hosts. Our clients recommend us, as their personal designers, to new and existing home-owners wanting a cost-value service and help transforming their spaces that take them to their happy places. Hi, I’m Vivian, Founder of My Picqasso, the Art Bar and the CEO for Project Smitten. Project Smitten is the umbrella for all of the goodies within creativity and creative play!

Let me just share how I have made it through the significant changes in these emotional times.  The key lesson I learned in my business and personal life is, in order to be trustworthy, likable and to work beside you, I must walk-through and become my mission and vision.  There were many Business Professionals juggling a work-life schedule and counted on our easy, step-by-step work-life integration service as solutions to their work and personal lifestyles.  We can confidently say that we understand that change is inevitable to all of us who want to be relevant and helpful to clients' transitional stages. We worked with dynamic individuals and coached them through technology challenges, stepped them through the confusion of launching their new business structure. We rolled up our sleeves and worked at remodeling rooms for first time homeowners and re-imagined spaces for existing homes. We consistently apply our creativity, extensive knowledge and skills in business management to help engage with Artists, Makers and Shakers who want to launch their business plans. We work with clients who want fresh approaches to home decor and interior designs. When you're ready, talk with us about our creative and unique solutions that will be helpful to get you moving forward. We can't wait to help you get smitten about your dream, launch your marketing strategy and achieve the impossible, because sometimes doing the impossible is fun! 

We got this, together!

Vivian Lewis and The Project Smitten Team  


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